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VFD-A Series

Delta Electronics VFD-A

Delta Electronics VFD-A

This series is the first generation of AC motor drive with abundant features, including multi-function I/O terminal, V/f control and auto-torque/auto-slip compensation, built-in RS-485 serial interface (MODBUS) and digital keypad that can be connected to VFD with extended wire. Now it has been updated to B and M series.

Output frequency: 0.1~400Hz
1-10HP: built-in brake chopper, DC braking function
Analog frequency setting: 0-10VDC, 4-20mA.
Coast to stop or ramp to stop can be set.
Carrier frequency can be adjusted from 3kHz to 15kHz,
8-step preset speed control, JOG operation
2 sets of accel./decel. time selections and accel./decel. S-curve settings
Built-in RS-485 serial interface (Max. baud rate: 4800)
Digital keypad can be connected to VFD with the extended wire less than 5m.

Air conditioner for large buildings, woodcarving machine, wastewater treatment system, washing machine, vertical stamping machines, compressor, circular loom, flat knitting machine, pasta machine, etc.

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