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Бесщеточный двигатель

Brushless DC Motors and Drives

AC Motor Drive
Brushless DC Motors and Drives
Brushless DC Motors and Drives (BLDCM) is a kind of 3-phase induction synchronous motor of permanent magnets with brushless structure. It is compact size and light weight. By adopting electronic commutator, it makes lower mechanical/electrical noise and no high temperature and dust caused by friction. In addition, it won't produce rotor loss due to low inertia of rotor and high-speed operation. Therefore, it saves energy during heavy-load operation and is higher performance than traditional motor. For the BLDC with new technology, it has high-torque output at low speed and self-protection for over-heat, over-current, phase loss and leakage current.
Delta's BLDCM product lines include

Elevator Door BLDCM

High Performance and Integrated BLDCM

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